Monday, May 28

Monster interview about my journey from being an illustrator to writing my first picture book. With J.R.Poulter.

I have just done an interview with award winning Australian author J.R.Poulter about my experience as an illustrator and my recent adventure writing and illustrating my first picture book The Monster Machine.

If you are interested in becoming an illustrator, interested in writing a picture book, or just interested in monsters hop on over to read the interview-

About J.R Poulter -

J.R. Poulter is the author of 13 books & 7 digital books for children and education in the UK, USA and Australia, including Crichton Award winner, MENDING LUCILLE. Her 13th book is due out June 2013 with Windy Hollows. J.R. Poulter also engages in editorial writing (WQ Magazine,The Courier MailMagpies Journal of Critical Review for Children’s LiteratureQueensland Country Life and more). 

She has taken workshops and readings for ETAQ Conferences, SCWBI International Conference, Brisbane Poetry Festival, Kyeema Arts Festival [Arts Qld Funded], Channel 7 Family Picnic, Opening of BCC Central City Library, Mountains to Mangroves, Book Week and more. A former senior librarian, senior education officer and English Expression tutor to international postgraduates, she also once worked in a circus.  Under J.R.McRae she is an award winning literary poet and also a published short story writer and  artist/illustrator. 

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