Friday, June 8

'The Monster Machine', A picture book for Dad's!

Dad and his son, characters from 'The Monster Machine'.

Father's Day is fast approaching again! If you are looking for a picture book to mark the occasion 'The Monster Machine' is a great Dad book.  (As well as a Monster book)

From the back cover - 

'My Dad is an inventor… he has just finished his latest and greatest invention. The Monster Machine!' A story of fun, inventions and all the monster mischief you can imagine. A great message about having fun and working together, beautifully illustrated with masses to look for on every page, a wonderful text to read aloud. (Approximately 350 words.)

This is a book packed full of monsters and machinery and making things, but at its heart is a small boy and his Dad. (and a little dog too)

Published by Pavilion Children's Books and available now wherever books are sold... online and offline. 

Also directly from Anova Books store

Buy from Amazon here

Father's Day 2012 is Sunday 17th June in the UK.
The Monster Machine - Front Cover - look at all those eyes!

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