Monday, August 20

'Pen Pals and Picture Books' review - The Monster Machine

Pen Pals and Picture Books reviewing The Monster Machine!
The Monster Machine has had another lovely review this week from the fabulous 'Pen Pals and Picture books' blog, in Utah USA.

Pen Pals and Picture Books is the work of Robyn and Whitney, two old friends from University reunited by the magic of facebook with a joint mission to spread the news about great children's books and all kinds of fun activities and ideas to try out relating to the books.

Many thanks to Robyn for the lovely review. I am also impressed by the number of photos of the monsters which managed to find their way into it. I know the monsters are thrilled too :)

Head on over to Pen Pals and Picture Books and read their review of The Monster Machine and check out their other great children's book reviews and activities.

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