Saturday, October 27

Happy Halloween from The Monster Machine! (a monster picture book)

Monsters! They're going to eat your brains and gain your knowledge... just kidding :)

It's that time of year again, when the night creeps in and the temperatures drop and all the creepy crawly things that should be outside decide to come inside with you where it is nice and warm.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Halloween is upon us once more! So I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween from myself and all the monsters in The Monster Machine...  (The Monster Machine is not a scary picture book, but it is a monster picture book)

All of the monsters are really excited about Halloween, as it will be their very first one, they have made some special monster Halloween stew to celebrate. I haven't asked what they have put in it...

Spot the Monsters?

If you have a copy of the book already why not try to spot all the monsters? all of the monsters in the illustration can be found within the pages of The Monster Machine, apart from the pumpkin and the Halloween monster chef, who is a new addition to the ever expanding clan and also happens to be a bit of a star in the kitchen, according to the other monsters...

Draw a monster!

If your little monsters are feeling particularly monstrous and creative this Halloween and beyond (who really needs an excuse for monsters?) you can send me their monster drawings and I will add them here to the Monster Machine blog.
Send any monster drawings to with your name and where you live and maybe the name of your monster too if he has one!
More on 'The Monster gallery' here

Happy Halloween!

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