Monday, July 22

Creepy House, Summer Reading Challenge...

Beaky Monster checking out the Creepy House Summer Reading Challenge material!

Summer is here and school is out (if not quite yet then very soon, I promise!) and what better time is there to get reading? ... This Summer, Beaky Monster wants you to sign up for the Creepy House Summer Reading Challenge! and it doesn't cost you a penny. (The Monster Machine is honoured to be part of the challenge)

The theme this year is 'Creepy House' with stunning artwork created and brought to life by award winning illustrator and author Chris Riddell.

Beaky Monster getting ready to sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge

So, how does it work?

1- It's really easy, your child can sign up at your local library, you'll get an incredible Creepy House poster illustrated by Chris Riddell to get things started! 

2- Read six library books of their choice during the summer, collecting stickers along the way (all FREE)

3- Children who complete the challenge get a certificate and/or shiny medal.

and will hopefully inspire a lifetime love of reading for pleasure too :)

Beaky Monster overwhelmed by the stunning Chris Riddell Creepy House artwork...
So what are you waiting for? get yourself and your family down to the library today and get reading!

Visit where children can follow their progress online, find new books to read and gain exclusive access to authors.

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Some of the beautiful artwork with a couple of the Creepy House characters all by Chris Riddell.

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