Monday, April 23

April 23rd -A Happy St George's day from all the Monsters...

The Monsters excitement at meeting a Dragon on St George's Day, and an 8-bit retro computer.

Today is April 23rd, which means as well as it being a Monday it is also St George's Day. There is a popular legend associated with St George's day, one which the monsters have been very interested in, as it features one of their favourite things, a dragon!

As the story does not end well for the dragon in question I won't go into further detail here, lest I upset the monsters, so from myself and from the monsters (and the dragon too), a happy St George's day to all!

One of the more geeky monsters also informed me that as well as St George's day today is also the 30th birthday of the ZX spectrum. If you look carefully you can see him holding it in the picture with the dragon. How did he knew about it is beyond me, Monsters never fail to surprise.

In fact there are a couple more occasions of note on todayApril 23rd which the monsters didn't pick up on, today is the approximate birthday of our old friend Shakespeare, and also, for the booklovers out there, tonight is World Book Night! A million reasons to read a book...