Monday, May 28

Monster interview about my journey from being an illustrator to writing my first picture book. With J.R.Poulter.

I have just done an interview with award winning Australian author J.R.Poulter about my experience as an illustrator and my recent adventure writing and illustrating my first picture book The Monster Machine.

If you are interested in becoming an illustrator, interested in writing a picture book, or just interested in monsters hop on over to read the interview-

About J.R Poulter -

J.R. Poulter is the author of 13 books & 7 digital books for children and education in the UK, USA and Australia, including Crichton Award winner, MENDING LUCILLE. Her 13th book is due out June 2013 with Windy Hollows. J.R. Poulter also engages in editorial writing (WQ Magazine,The Courier MailMagpies Journal of Critical Review for Children’s LiteratureQueensland Country Life and more). 

She has taken workshops and readings for ETAQ Conferences, SCWBI International Conference, Brisbane Poetry Festival, Kyeema Arts Festival [Arts Qld Funded], Channel 7 Family Picnic, Opening of BCC Central City Library, Mountains to Mangroves, Book Week and more. A former senior librarian, senior education officer and English Expression tutor to international postgraduates, she also once worked in a circus.  Under J.R.McRae she is an award winning literary poet and also a published short story writer and  artist/illustrator. 

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Monday, May 21

The Monster Machine at Nottingham Waterstones!

The Monster Machine, on the shelves at Waterstones! A wonderful sight.

I'm back after my first ever book event for my new picture book 'The Monster Machine'. Published by Pavilion Children's books.

Thank you to everyone who came to the children’s section in Waterstone’s Nottingham on Sunday and stopped to have a chat, and help with our Monster collage! I had a great time, it was lovely to meet so many nice people, and a real pleasure to sign my book for you.

Throughout the event we (myself, the kids and their families) made a very colourful monster collage... here is how it developed...

On arrival I was presented with the horror of horrors! the blank sheet of paper, and was given a Sharpie pen... so obviously I drew some monsters, enjoying my Rolf Harris moment, here is the original line drawing-
The Monsters are coming! They could do with some colour...
My very first visitor, the lovely Maddie and family started us off- note the scrunch technique to make the monster extra hairy...
The collaging begins! So many neon colours to choose from...
 I took the opportunity to add a couple of eyes so he could see again...
That's better! Does he look a bit mean now I wonder...
Later another couple of very skilful young artists Sophie and Chanel  (with a little help from mum, Lisa) got to work... I had a great time chatting to their Granddad James who also took this picture of myself with them! Many thanks for sending it to me...
Nicola collaging with Chanel and Sophie
I met a lot of interesting people and their kids throughout the event which has been a wonderful experience.
It was nearing my dinner time when I finally had to say goodbye, here is the fantastic collage the kids made...
The very colourful monster collage!

More of the monster collage, with some particularly excellent collaging.
Thank you everyone!

I look forward to dropping into Waterstone’s Nottingham again sometime soon for some more monster fun... Grrrr

Saturday, May 19

Waterstone's Nottingham! 'The Monster Machine'

Tomorrow I will be having my very first book event for 'The Monster Machine'!

I am very excited to be going to Waterstone's Nottingham to read and sign my book. 

I'll be in store Sunday, 20th May from 12PM to 2PM

While I'm there I will be helping to create a giant monster collage! So crack open the pritt stick! and hide the glitter...

I have spent many, many, happy hours in Waterstone's and also bought many, many, books there, I am really looking forward to it. It is a very fine bookshop.

Thank you Waterstone's for having us,

Nicola and the Monsters.

Wednesday, May 16

Publication Day! The Monster Machine is out...

Today is that tomorrow I was excited about yesterday, which means my picture book The Monster Machine is finally out! Yes!
I'd like to thank my publisher Pavilion Children's books and my lovely editors Katie and Ben. Thanks guys :)

Here are a couple of interior spreads from the book -
The Monster Machine! © 2012 Nicola L Robinson all rights reserved

The Monsters... © 2012 Nicola L Robinson all rights reserved

I am really pleased with how the book has turned out and I still can't believe the number of pairs of eyes I have had to draw for it, this is a book with a lot of monsters. A couple of them even have three.

If you would like to get a copy for your own, it is now available from your favourite online and offline bookstores.

Get a copy...

Tuesday, May 15

One day to go until The Monster Machine is released!

Hello again, I'm very excited about the release of my monster picture book 'The Monster Machine' published by Pavilion Childrens Books, after months of work and what seems like an era of waiting the day is finally just around the corner... one more day to go..! I'm more nervous than I was as a child waiting for Christmas.

Here is a sneaky peak at the back cover...

The Monster Machine, Back Cover

It reads 'My Dad is an inventor... he has just finished his latest and greatest invention. The Monster Machine!'
A story of fun, inventions and all the monster mischief you can imagine.

Monster friends and picture book readers get ready to order your copy, out tomorrow!

Order The Monster Machine by Nicola L Robinson