Saturday, July 21

Monster Family - Daddy Monster, Mummy Monster and Baby Monster, by Charlotte Age 4 from ReaditDaddy.

I had some very exciting post this week, much more exciting than the usual junk mail and bank statements, this week I received a beautiful monster drawing from Charlotte (Aged 4) , inspired by The Monster Machine!
Daddy monster, mummy monster and a baby monster, by Charlotte (Age 4).
I love the third eye on Daddy Monster and look at all those colours! Mummy Monster's hair is particularly striking, a fearsome monster family indeed. :)

Charlotte was kind enough to review my picture book The Monster Machine with her Dad and has since been inspired to draw monsters, which is fantastic. I'm told the tri-legged, tri- eyed and tri - armed are a speciality...

Thank you very much Charlotte for the drawing, I love it, and I'm sure you have drawn a whole army of monsters by the time I post this!

Charlotte and her Dad (ReaditDaddy) review picture books on their excellent blog - ReaditDaddy, a book and media blog for parents and their busy little bee's!

Check out their review for The Monster Machine here- ReaditDaddy

You can also follow ReaditDaddy on twitter - @ReaditDaddy