Monday, August 20

'Pen Pals and Picture Books' review - The Monster Machine

Pen Pals and Picture Books reviewing The Monster Machine!
The Monster Machine has had another lovely review this week from the fabulous 'Pen Pals and Picture books' blog, in Utah USA.

Pen Pals and Picture Books is the work of Robyn and Whitney, two old friends from University reunited by the magic of facebook with a joint mission to spread the news about great children's books and all kinds of fun activities and ideas to try out relating to the books.

Many thanks to Robyn for the lovely review. I am also impressed by the number of photos of the monsters which managed to find their way into it. I know the monsters are thrilled too :)

Head on over to Pen Pals and Picture Books and read their review of The Monster Machine and check out their other great children's book reviews and activities.

Tuesday, August 14

Matilda's Monsters... The Monster Gallery!

My picture book, The Monster Machine published by Pavilion Children's Books has been inspiring children to draw their own monsters, which is fantastic! I've just been sent these two particularly imaginative and scary monsters drawn by Matilda, Age 4 from Indiana, USA...
Matilda's Monster Number 1

Matilda's Monster Number 2
Thank you so much for these Matilda, they are awesome! so many eyes and legs and arms and teeth!

I've been looking at these two characters for a while now and I realise they remind me of one of my own monsters, this guy isn't from the machine, he lives in the trees and comes out on Halloween to say hello... but there are certain similarities...

Many Eyed Halloween Tree Monster © 2012 Nicola L Robinson

The Monster Gallery.... 

If your child is inspired by The Monster Machine I'd love to see their drawings and creations! you can scan and send me their monster drawings by email to - including their name, age and city or country and I will include it in my monster gallery! I'd also love to hear their thoughts on The Monster Machine book and any other monster related ideas.

I hope to collect enough monsters to add to a new section which I'm building on the main Monster Machine Site. 'The Monster Gallery' A bit like the rogues gallery, but with monsters. Obviously. 

The Monster Machine is available wherever books are sold, ask for it in your favourite local bookshop...

It is also available online - The Monster Machine on Amazon.

Thursday, August 2

Name the Monsters Competition Winner!

The naming of monsters is a tricky business, and the monsters formerly known as Yellow Monster and Little Orange monster have had a fantastic time going through all your name suggestions, trying them out for size and taste. Which is vital, obviously.

They would like to thank everyone who entered our competition, and give special mention to Emma, Jay and Polly, Bill and Eddie whose name suggestions were particularly tempting, however in the end the monsters were taken in by the flashiness and creativity of our winning entry...

It is with great pride that we introduce to you 'Sir Slobbertongue' and 'Feathertail Fangmouth' which means Elli is our winner!

A signed copy of The Monster Machine will be on its way to you very soon. Congratulations!
The happy monsters proudly wearing their new names.